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Old 05-25-2017, 01:03 PM   #1
Johnny Mustang
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Rebuilt 4.6, a cautionary tale

So, last summer I broke a piston. Between now and then I had my engine rebuilt by Bel Engines on the recommendation of Freedom Ford. Freedom did the R and R on the engine. Bel recommended that I get my injectors tested at Duke's. I did this and the injectors checked out as OK. When Freedom reinstalled the rebuilt motor and tried to start it up, they had trouble. They eventually got it started and told me that they assumed it was a tuning issue. I managed to get it started and get it home, (two blocks). When the day came to load it on a friend's trailer to transport for the break-in tune, it wouldn't start. When the tuner (CCMR) couldn't start it either, they replaced the injectors (the ones that had tested OK by the guy recommended by Bel). The car started and was tuned for break in. I drove it away and immediately started hearing a loud clanging noise (see you tube video "Church engine noise 2"). When I took it to Freedom, they said they'd never heard that sort of noise before and sent me to Bel. Bel said change the oil and let them look at the filter. After inspecting the filter, they said keep driving the car. A separate oil analysis conducted by an independent lab at the time of the oil change showed severe levels of chromium and unacceptable levels of tin in the oil. Both of these are associated with bearing wear.

I started doing some of my own investigating and decided that it might be a faulty VCT solenoid. I tested this by unplugging the solenoid and the issue went away. I purchased a replacement solenoid for the passenger side (where the noise was) and had a mechanic I trust replace it. When we hooked it up again the noise came back. So, we did an oil pressure test; low oil pressure (see you tube video "Church oil pressure"). Funny, my trusted mechanic suspected this was the issue and couldn't understand why Bel had said "keep driving it."

I took it back to Bel Engines and showed them the video. They said the engine will have to come out for inspection. They have also said that they are not responsible for costs for repairing damage caused by a faulty part they installed beyond the manufacturer's warranty on the part. Thus, I have to pay to have the engine removed for the second time, the costs of repairing any damage that occurred as a result of the faulty part and the cost of reinstalling the engine. Remember, they told me to keep driving the car after they were made aware of the loud noise!

Long story short, the experts I relied on to rebuild my engine gave me back an engine that is worse than it was when I brought it to them and they charged me big money. Bottom line, if your engine breaks and you can't fix it yourself or can't deal with someone you know and trust, either write off the vehicle or buy a crate engine and have it installed by someone you know and trust.

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Re: Rebuilt 4.6, a cautionary tale

i know allot of guys that have used Ryan to build motors. Mod motors seem to be a pain int he ass. G-Spod-Quadcammer- IWilW84U - have all had multiple built 4.6L engines with failures for one reason or another. Its just one of those things with mods i guess. Ryan has put together some Gnarly Mod motors that have not had a problem so it seems like a crap shoot. Its seems to be a platform that you should have someone that has built allot of them put together. I went to an LS platform now so if and when the time comes im not sweating it as bad as i was with my cobras lol SOrry about your luck man that sucks.
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Old 05-30-2017, 10:08 PM   #3
Johnny Mustang
WPCC Forum Member
Join Date: Nov 21, 2007
Posts: 40
Re: Rebuilt 4.6, a cautionary tale

Hi, thanks for the feedback. There is no one named Ryan involved in this. If a doctor performed heart surgery and the heart was acting funny, making a very strange noise, would the doctor tell the patient to keep jogging? Surely, someone is responsible for what has happened to this engine after it has just had a major overhaul.
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Old 08-11-2017, 03:18 PM   #4
Johnny Mustang
WPCC Forum Member
Join Date: Nov 21, 2007
Posts: 40
Re: Rebuilt 4.6, a cautionary tale

So, I received correspondence from Bel Engines yesterday. In short, they have accepted responsibility for the damage to the engine and will be rebuilding it again at no additional cost to me. Below is a relevant excerpt outlining the damage:

"I have disassembled your engine... and have found the main bearings are wiped out. Very strange, as the clearances were within manufacturers specs. Apparently too tight for either your driving habits or for the power adder. We will repair and reassemble engine no charge to you as I promised. I will also debur the #5 piston and combustion chamber that had a small piece from the old engine injested in to it. This probably came from the intake manifold, which may not have been properly cleaned before it was re-installed.
This time I have noticed quite a restriction in the oil galley that Ford missed, and will fix that as well. I will also install the 1 missing oil-pump bolt which Ford did not install from the factory. As I duplicated Fordís assembly procedure, I didnít install that bolt either upon re-assembly, but will this time, as I can see oil-pressure has been bleeding off past this point.
We require you to return the entire assembly document folder before we proceed."
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