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1979-1989 Fox Body Black Interior Interchangeability Guide

**Originally posted by "50 Proof" on Four Eyed Pride**

1979-1989 Fox Body Black Interior Interchangeability Guide

Seat Belts
If you have a coupe or hatchback you have a couple of options to work with. 1990 coupe/hatchback front seat belts will mount on your 1979-1989 Fox Body Mustang coupe/hatchback; however 1991-1993 coupe/hatchback front seat belts have different mounting tabs and will not work on 1979-1989 Mustangs without cutting new slots inside your car for the mounting tabs. 1979-1983 coupe/hatchback black seat belts will work on all 1979-1990 coupe/hatchback Mustangs. 1990 coupe/hatchback front seat belts and 1979-1983 coupe/hatchback front seat belts will not work on 1983-1986 Convertibles, so you will need to find black seat belts from a 1983 Convertible only. 1990-1993 Convertible front seat belts will not directly work on any body style Mustang from 1979-1989.

1979-1983 rear black seat belts will work on all 1979-1989 coupe/hatchback Mustangs and 1983-1989 convertibles. 1990-1993 Mustangs have rear shoulder harness seat belts and will not directly bolt into a 1979-1989 Mustang. If 1990-1993 rear seat belts are used on 1979-1989 foxes, then the 1990-1993 rear seat should be used. 1990-1993 rear seats are designed to have the seat belt buckles come up through the seat bottom to accommodate the differences in the way the 1990-1993 rear seat belts are mounted. To install 1990-1993 rear seats and seat belts, the seat mounting brackets will need to be welded onto the floor pan, as well as modifications for mounting the seat belts. It is also advised to use 1990-1993 rear trim panels if 1990-1993 rear seats and seat belts are used since these panels have cut-outs to accommodate the mounting of the rear shoulder harness seat belts.

If you plan on using 1990 Front seat belt retractors with a 1979-1989 Mustang, the 1990 seat belt retractors don't have the release cable that plugs into the door jam. If you use 1990 front seat belts you will have a hole in your door jam. To fix this you can get a rubber plug to plug up the hole. There is an oval rubber plug used on all 1979-1993 Mustangs inside the trunk where the rear quarter panel meets the tail light panel. I've also heard 1979 and 1980 Mustangs came with a rubber plug in the door jam and that you can use this plug from those two year Mustangs if you find one in the wrecking yards.

Rear Trim Panels
If you are converting your 1979-1982 Coupe/Hatchback Mustang to black interior, then you must use 1979-1982 rear trim panels. If you have a 1983-1986 Mustang, for a direct fit without modifications you can only use 1983 rear trim panels. 1983 trim panels are the same design as the 1984-1986 panels. 1979-1982 panels are a different design and will not directly swap over to 1983-1986 Mustangs. 1983 is the last year for black interior, so if you're converting your 1983-1986 Mustang to black interior good luck locating the trim panels.

In 1990 Ford mounted the front seat belts about an inch or so higher up on coupes/hatchbacks. The 1990-1993 rear 1/4 trim panels will not work on a 1979-1989 Mustang coupe/hatchback without relocating the seat belt mount. If you are converting your 1987-1989 Mustang coupe/hatchback to black interior, than you have two options for trim panels: you can relocate the front seat belt mount hole and use 1990-1993 trim panels, but you’ll also need to convert your rear seat belts to the 1990-1993 rear shoulder harness belts as well since 1990-1993 panels have cut outs for shoulder harness belts. Your other option is to dye your 1987-1989 style panels black. 50 Resto sells the interior dye and prepping agents needed to dye your interior using the exact same shade of black that Ford used when dying various interior parts in the factory.

Convertible Specific
You don’t have too many options here. 1983 was the first year for convertibles and the last year for black interior. 1983 convertibles did not have rear power windows. So if you are lucky enough to find black 1983 rear vert trim panels for your 1984-1989 convertible, than you’ll either need to convert to manual windows or modify the 1/4 trim panels to mount a power window switch, if your convertible is equipped with rear power windows. 1990-1993 rear trim panels will not work on 1983-1989 convertibles unless you convert to 1990-1993 front seat belts and convert your rear power window harness to work with the 1990-1993 rear power window switch. If you can’t find 1983 rear trim panels for your 1984-1989 vert, than your only other option is to dye the panels that you already have or have them recovered with new black vinyl and black carpet. The A-Pillar trim for convertibles is different too. You can use 1983 Convertible A-Pillar trim for 1983-1986 Mustangs or you can modify and cut down 1979-1983 hard top A-Pillar trim. If you have a 1987-1989 Mustang, than you can use 1990-1993 A-Pillar trim from a convertible, or modify and cut down 1990-1993 hard top A-Pillar trim.

T-Top Specific
1983 T-Top latch trim panels(not the End Caps) that cover the locking T-Top latches will not work on 1984-1986 Mustangs with locking T-Top latches. The 1983 locking latch trim panels are a different size and won't work. Dying your 1984-1986 locking T-Top latch panels black is your only option here. Non-locking 1983 black T-Top latch trim panels should also work on 1984-1986 non-locking T-Tops.The 1983 black end caps will work on your 1984-1986 Mustang, 1979-1982 end caps will work on 1983-1986 Mustangs, but you will need to trim the end caps.

The front windshield A-Pillar trim can be had off of a 1979-1983 Mustang hard top or T-Top. It’s all the same, however for T-Tops, Ford actually cut the hard top A-Pillar trim panels so that they wont interfere with the T-Top end cap. If you use hard top A-Pillar trim pieces you’ll need to cut the A-Pillar trim pieces where it interferes with the T-Top end cap. This isn’t a big deal since this is what Ford did as well. Also note that Ford cut the rear trim panels as well so that they wouldn’t interfere with the rear T-Top end caps. Hard top trim panels will interfere with the rear T-Top end cap, so you’ll have to cut off the part of the trim panel that interferes. If you are lucky enough to find any of these pieces from a T-Top specific car, than you’ll see how Ford cut these pieces for you, and you won't have to do any cutting.

1979-1983 black dashes will work on all 1979-1986 Mustangs; however, the metal frame underneath the dash from 1979-1982 is different than the dash frames on 1983-1986 dashes. A 1983 Black dash will directly swap over to any 1983-1986 Mustang without changing the metal frame underneath the dash. A 1983 dash going into a 1979-1982 Mustang will need a 1979-1982 frame. A 1979-1982 black dash will directly swap over to any 1979-1982 Mustang. A 1979-1982 Dash going into a 1983-1986 Mustang will need a 1983-1986 frame. Do note that the radio opening on 1979-1983 dashes are different than 1984-1986 dash radio openings.

The glove box on 1979-1983 dashes is different than the glove box 1984-1986 dashes. So when using a 1979-1983 dash, you’ll need to use your 1984-1986 glove box. 1979-1983 glove boxes are too large and will not work with your 1984-1986 Mustang because they interfere with the heater core box. Your only option here is to dye your 1984-1986 glove box black. I know a lot of people are picky about having to dye their interior, but if done right it will look good. Ford actually painted/dyed a lot of their interior items. If you look at your 1979-1986 dash, you’ll see overspray underneath the gauge cluster. You can actually paint/dye your 1984-1986 dash if you don’t want to go through the trouble of locating and installing a 1979-1983 dash. If you use a 1979-1983 black dash you may need to drill holes in the dash where the fuel door/trunk release buttons go.

If you are converting a 1987-1989 Mustang to black interior, than use the 1990-1993 dashes. When using a 1990-1993 black dash in an 1987-1989 make sure you grab the mounting hardware for the fuse block since the fuse block is mounted differently in 1990-1993 Mustangs. You might need to drill a couple of holes in the dash frame when bolting up a 1990-1993 dash in an 1987-1989 Mustang, but overall it's pretty much a direct swap and is very easy to do.

Kick panels, door sills, and A-Pillar Trim
1990-1993 kick panels would be a direct swap for 1984-1989 Mustangs. The 1979-1983 black kick panels are slightly different. The screw hole that mounts the kick panels to the carpet is located in a different spot. Convertible kick panels are different than hatch/coupe kick panels. Door sills from 1979-1993 are all the same. If you have a 1979-1986 Mustang, use 1979-1983 A-Pillar trim. If you have a 1987-1989 Mustang, use 1990-1993 A-Pillar Trim.

Headliner and Sunvisors
Coupe header is different than hatchback headliner. The two are not interchangeable so don't try. 1990-1992 coupe headliner will work in 1979-1992 coupes. In 1993 Ford changed the dome light, so if you use 1993 headliner you'll have to upgrade your dome light. The same is true for hatchback headliner.

Coupe, Hatchback, and T-Top sunvisors are not the same as convertible sunvisors. 1983 and 1990-1993 black convertible sunvisors need to be used with 1983-1989 Convertibles. 1983 black hatch/coupe sunvisors do not secure into any clips on the headliner the way the 1984+ Mustang sunvisors do. If you're converting a 1979-1983 Mustang to black interior, I'd stick with 1979-1983 sunvisors. If you're converting a 1984-1989 Mustang to black interior, I'd stick with the 1990-1993 cloth sunvisors. The 1990-1993 cloth visors also come with vanity lights on them, so you may need to splice some wiring to get the vanity lights to work.

1979-1983 hatchback rear black seats won't work with 1984-1986 hatchbacks. 1979-1983 rear seat backs are not split folding the way the 1984-1986 rear seats are. The 1979-1982 rear seat back folds down as one piece. The 1984-1986 passenger side and driver side rear seat back both fold down separately from each other. 1990-1993 rear seats won't work on 1979-1989 hatchbacks or coupes unless you upgrade your rear seat mounts to 1990-1993 rear seat mounts. 1979-1983 rear coupe black seats will work on all 1979-1989 coupes. I have 1979-1983 black rear coupe seats in my 1988 coupe, and everything fits great and looks OEM.

Coupe and hatch carpet will interchange. You can use carpet from a 1979-1983 or 1990-1993 coupe/hatchback Mustang. If you use 1979-1983 carpet you might have to cut additional holes, but the actual carpet will be the same. 1990-1993 Convertible carpet is different than 1979-1983 and 1990-1993 hatch/coupe carpet. There are bigger holes cut in the sill area for the seat belts and the carpet goes up higher into the kick panel area.

Center Console
1979-1983 Black Center consoles will work with all 1979-1986 Mustangs. However, if you are using a 1979-1983 center console in a 1984-1986 Mustang, you may want to swap your stock clock/warning system into the 1979-1983 console. 1984-1986 Mustangs have clocks with an orange/amber display mounted in their center consoles. You can remove a 1984-1986 clock/warning system and swap it into a 1979-1983 console to keep everything displayed as how it should be for your year Mustang. 1990-1993 black center consoles will swap into any 1987-1993 Mustang. 1990-1993 black consoles will need a hole drilled for the fuel door release button.

Door Panels
1983-1986 Convertible door panels are different than 1980-1986 hatch/coupe door panels. 1979 Door panels cannot be used on any body style 1980-1986 Mustang because the door latch is in the bottom front corner of the door panel. If you are converting a 1979 Mustang to black interior, you must use 1979 door panels.

Convertible door panels have more carpet on their door panels than coupe/hatch door panels. The carpet on a convertible door panel goes a little less than half way up the door panel. I've seen a 1983 GT Convertible with black door panels that look very similar to the 1985/86 Mustang GT convertible door panels. In my opinion, for a 1983-1986 convertible, these are the best door panels to get but are very scarce and will be next to impossible to find. Another option is to use 1983 Mustang GLX Convertible black door panels, 1980-1983 coupe/hatchback door panels, or convert to the newer style 1990-1993 door panels. If you try to use coupe/hatchback door panels on your 1984-1986 Mustang Convertible, you'll have to modify the driver side door panel slightly because 1984-1986 Convertibles had front and rear power windows and a 4 way power window control switch on the driverside door panel, whereas hatchbacks only have a 2 way power window switch on the driver side door panel.

The 1983 GT hatchback door panels do not look the same as 1985/86 GT door panels, but the 1983 GT door panels do look the same as 1984 GT door panels. 1983 GLX door panels look closest to stock 1985/86 GT door panels but do have significant differences. I think the 1983 GT and GLX door panels are the best looking door panels for a 1980-1986 black interior conversion without having to convert your doors to work with 1990-1993 door panels. In my opinion I do not like the way 1980-1982 door panels look, but to each their own and they will still work. If you are converting a 1980-1982, than you can stick with 1980-1982 panels or grab some 1983 GT or GLX door panels, or convert to 1990-1993 black door panels. If you are converting a 1983-1986 to black interior, I'd recommend sticking with 1983 GT or GLX door panels.

If you are converting a 1987-1989 to black interior, stick with 1990-1993 door panels. 1990-1993 convertible door panels are different than 1990-1993 coupe/hatch door panels. The inner door felt weatherstripping that runs along the width of the window is longer on convertibles than on hatch/coupes. You can use convertible door panels with a 1987-1993 hatch/coupe, but the door felt weatherstripping and aluminum extention underneath the felt weatherstripping will need to be trimmed; this is very easy to do.

Do note that some Mustangs did not come with power windows and door locks. Some came with power windows but without power door locks and some came without power windows and power doorlocks. If your Mustang has power windows/locks make sure you get door panels for power windows/locks, and vice versa if you don't have power windows/locks. If you find a set of door panels for manual windows/locks and want to use them with your Mustang that has power windows/locks, than you can cut out along the perforations on the back of the manual door panels. In other words, the 1980-1986 door panels were all modified by Ford to work with a Mustang that has power windows/locks, so don't be afraid to modify your manual door panels.

Cargo Cover - provided by Foxchassis on corral.net
The privacy shade/cargo cover breaks down as follows:
'80-early '84 (same length as late '84-'86)
late '84-'86 (same length as '80-early '84)
'87-'89 (shorter than '80-'86 due to redesigned trim)
'90-'93 (shorter than '87-'89 due to redesigned trim to accomodate rear shoulder betls)
'80-early '84 attaches to the underside of the liftgate.
late '84-'93 attaches to the rear plastic that surrounds the liftgate striker.
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